September 18, 2018 InfoLetter BMF

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Partner's Perspective

Should you change your business - or transform it?

As market and technological needs evolve, every company needs to change in some way. But with some companies, the organization needs to go beyond change to 'transformation'. This articles takes a closer look at the distinction.      
Tax Insights

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Household Help

When someone hires household help — such as an in-home caregiver, gardener or personal chef — that individual may become an employer. With "employer" status comes a variety of specific tax obligations. This article explores four questions that everyone should ask before saying, “You’re hired.”      
Manufacturing Insights

Leases and Contract Revenue: Get ready to roll out the new accounting standards

Major accounting rule changes for leases and revenue recognition are expected to have significant impacts on how manufacturers and distributors report their financial results. This article explains what’s changing and when, as well as how the updates will affect financial statements.      
Construction Insights

Nasty Numbers: 7 red flags to watch out for in your financial statements

Financial statements show not only where a construction company is financially, but also where it’s going. Contractors who analyze their statements can often catch problems early on — before they turn into bigger issues. This article lists seven red flags contractors should look out for when reading their next statement.      
Benefit Plan Insights

401(k) Plan Loans: What are employees’ options when they depart?

Employees who have outstanding 401(k) plan loans when they leave their job are sometimes faced with the difficult quandary of needing to repay the loan in full within 60 days of termination of employment. This article discusses different ways you can educate employee about their options.      
Nonprofit Insights

Take Control: Your Nonprofit’s future starts with a strategic plan

If an organization has changed little since its founding, its focus and practices may be outdated and incompatible with new financial realities. Creating a strategic plan can provide a framework to help it adapt to change and achieve its long-term goals — even when the future is uncertain.      
BMF Insights

Leveraging Strengths

What happens when we focus on what's right with people rather than fixating on what's wrong? At BMF, we thought we'd find out...      
Meet Our Team

Meet Mark Rossetti

Senior Manager, State & Local Tax Services

In many ways, Mark’s a repairman. As a dedicated senior manager in the firm’s state and local tax (SALT) practice, Mark often works with clients on correcting oversights, handling liens and audits, and installing compliance practices for proper recognition of SALT obligations.      
About Our Staff

Read about our newest team members, highlights, and accomplishments!

There's never a dull moment at BMF! Check out what we've been up to, including the latest staff updates, new employee announcements, speaking engagements, and more.    


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