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He sings, plays guitar, tells jokes and is BMF-famous for his smoked meats and custom-crafted BBQ sauce. None of that fits anyone’s stereotype of an IT professional, but Chad Voller doesn’t fit anyone’s preconceived notion of your typical “IT person.” In fact, Chad is the definition of the left brain-right brain professional, someone who’s able to blend creative and analytical problem-solving skills in ways that are powerful – and even unexpected.

Chad joined BMF in 2016 as IT Director and it quickly became evident that his leadership and coaching skills were in high demand among our clients as well as our internal departments. While serving in this role, Chad strategized with leadership on building a consulting practice to help clients improve their network health, cyber awareness, security readiness and strengthen the core of their own IT teams. And so the BMF Cyber Technology Group (CTG) was born.

Serving as Managing Director of CTG, Chad and his team work with clients to address the “Cybersecurity insecurity” felt by many executives. “We’re already partners with our client’s senior management teams on financial, tax and compliance matters, so in many cases, we already understand how the business runs and where its top vulnerabilities are likely to be,” he said. In addition, his background running Tier 1 global tech departments is not something many accounting firms are able to duplicate.

“We’re not looking to come storming into business and ask them to change everything they’re doing. Rather, we take an advisory, coaching approach to our cybersecurity assessments and higher-level customized offerings.”

Coaching is something that comes naturally for Chad. Growing up in Texas, Chad was a high school athlete whose teams enjoyed state-wide championship success in basketball and football. He attributes much of the team’s successes to having strong leadership and recognizes the impact good coaching can have at the management level.

“When I played high school sports, we may not have been the best athletes on the court or field, but we were never out-coached. Athletes without great coaches are just guys running around on a field. And it’s the same for IT: great tech leaders or business executives without the right cybersecurity coaches are just people running around from server to server putting out fires.”


Chad attributes much of his successful development from being fortunate enough to work with leaders who reached down to him, who taught him how to be a better listener and showed him how to connect IT tools to business strategy. “There’s no way I could have managed people without learning management skills along the way. They made room for me in ways that were critical to my ability to be successful. I learned how to work ON my business, not just IN my business and to make IT a lever for business strategy. It gave me a model for running IT and security in any company, which I’m now able to teach and share with others.”

Chad’s excited about the emerging cybersecurity consulting industry and the potential impact it can have for BMF clients. He recently earned his CISSP certification – the gold standard in cybersecurity credentials – and carries certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).


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