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Our professionals have been building long-term, flourishing relationships with construction and real estate businesses for over 50 years.


Led by partners Dale A. Ruther and Cindy S. Johnson, our Construction Services Group, which includes Construction Industry Technicians (CIT) and Construction Document Specialists (CDS), is specially equipped to serve general contractors, heavy construction contractors, residential contractors, specialty subcontractors and their suppliers. The Construction Group prides itself on being business advisors to construction owners, not only for audit or tax but also on significant issues affecting their business and the construction industry.


The dedicated professionals at Bober Markey Fedorovich can address your tax and assurance challenges and, after gaining an in-depth understanding of your operations, help you make smart, informed decisions so you can avoid risk, identify opportunities, and understand the future financial impact to your business.

We offer a broad range of audit and accounting services to provide you with quality information to allow you, your stakeholders, your investors, and others to make smart business decisions.

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Looking for an experienced partner to help build a solid future for your construction or real estate business?

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Accounting Services

  • Budgeting for a Profit
  • Capital Expenditure including leave vs. buy decisions
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Productivity Review
  • Cost Segregation
  • Job Costing System
  • Assistance for Financially Troubled Contractors
  • Post-project Review and Analysis and other best practices
  • Surety Consultation


Tax Services

  • Tax planning
  • Assistance for financially troubled contractors
  • Post-project review and analysis and other best practices
  • Surety consultation
  • R&D studies
  • 179d studies
  • DBE monitoring
  • Fraud investigation/IC systems review
  • Compensation studies
  • Benchmarking for the construction industry
  • Tax accounting methods, specifically related to the construction industry
  • M&A consulting


Industry Leadership

In addition to our team’s technical experience, our professionals are involved in national and local industry organizations, such as serving as active members of:

Dale Ruther has also been featured or has authored numerous published articles for a variety of trade and consumer publications.


Practice Leaders

Dale A. Ruther


Cindy S. Johnson


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Cleveland Office




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