Ohnuma Boosts BMF’s International Tax Services

We are pleased to announce the addition of Goshi Ohnuma, CPA, to our International Tax Services group. 

Audit & Accounting

Keep your business flourishing in a global market with the critical financial information and analysis you need to make informed decisions. BMF provides a full range of services that spans audit, accounting, complex accounting research, and other attestation services to both privately held and publicly traded companies. Our technical expertise and highly trained staff in audit and accounting services are specifically catered to meet your unique industry’s needs.

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Agreed Upon Procedures
Management will often request an agreed-upon procedure engagement when they have specific financial elements that require further insight. We will work with management to define the necessary agreed-upon procedures to meet their needs and enable us to issue a complete report at the conclusion of our engagement.  
Audit, Reviews & Compilations
Regardless of your requirements now or in the future, we adapt to meet your audit needs and focus on helping you succeed. By combining traditional audit services with nontraditional methods, our audit approach focuses on the most important areas of a company’s financial statements, which increases the audit's effectiveness and allows us to focus on areas that are most important to your success.  
Employee Benefit Plans
When it comes to Employee Benefit Plans, experience matters. One of our fastest growing practice areas, BMF audits nearly 100 plans and prepares the appropriate tax filing and summary plan descriptions for approximately 400 benefit plans including Form 5500/990, public companies with 11-K filings and plans with more than 45,000 employees.  
An Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction with employees by providing them the opportunity to participate in the ownership of the company. The ESOP Services Group at BMF has a long history of serving both 100 percent and partial ESOP companies as well as ESOP plans.  
Internal Auditing
Compliance, confidence, and peace-of-mind. That is what BMF delivers to companies with internal auditing needs. With significant internal auditing experience across a variety of industries, we provide valuable and reliable services to both publicly traded and private companies.  
Revenue Recognition
Companies that generate revenue and apply generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) need to adapt to the new revenue recognition standards. The new standard replaces the current transaction-specific and industry-specific guidance in recognizing revenue and replaces it with a principles-based approach. The adjustment will require management judgments and may have significant impacts on people, policies, processes, and systems.  
SEC Accounting
As an area leader in SEC Accounting, BMF is equipped to provide you with SEC-related services specific to your unique needs and requirements. From SEC/GAAP research, to reporting, to control evaluations, our experience means you get a targeted approach in a timely manner.  
SOC Reporting
Many service organizations require an in-depth examination of the integrity of their internal control systems. BMF provides high-quality evaluation and reporting of control activities and processes in a cohesive format delivered to users of your services or to the users’ auditors. These reports offer valuable information that allows users to assess and address the risks associated with an outsourced task.  

Tax Services

At BMF, tax season never ends. We provide seamless year-round tax services which provide you with an experience tailored to meet your needs. With the ever-changing and evolving tax laws, we proactively eliminate confusion for you and your organization. Operating on a multi-state and global basis, our experienced strategic and technical guidance can save you money.

Business Tax Compliance & Strategy
We understand the importance of managing issues of taxation and the complexities brought on by companies operating in one location, multiple locations, a multi-state environment, and globally. Regardless of where your business may operate today or in the future, we are prepared to meet your tax planning and compliance needs  
Family Office Solutions
BMF’s family office practice supports the complex financial needs of high net worth clients and their families. As a trusted advisor, we work closely with each client to develop a customized financial plan to fulfill, anticipate, and achieve success for each unique situation.  
Individual & Wealth Preservation
After more than 50 years of providing tax management for individuals and families through wealth preservation tax services, we’ve learned to approach things differently. Our tailored approach for each client helps us consider everyone’s needs uniquely and thoroughly as we work to establish a financially secure future.  
International Tax
Doing business globally is no longer the exception, but the rule. Our tax team provides sophisticated tax planning and minimization strategies for businesses operating around the world.  
SEC Tax Services
Complexity increases the chance of complications. That’s why we work to make the complex more simple. BMF offers a wide range of SEC-related taxation services, with a team technically proficient and skilled to maximize your efforts in today’s global market.  
State & Local Tax
Proper management of state and local taxes is critical to maximizing a company’s revenue and profit; these taxes can significantly impact cash flow and the overall effective tax rate. BMF has a dedicated team of professionals, including a senior manager on staff, responsible for our clients’ state and local tax compliance and planning opportunities.  
Tax Tools & Resources
The BMF team is adept at discovering opportunities and sharing strategies with our clients to help them with tax savings and incentives. That’s why we regularly publish tax guides and share tools to equip and empower you with the information you need to know when you need to know it.  


BMF’s Advisory Services Group offers specialized services to assist clients with complex, sophisticated business and financial issues. These services go well beyond traditional audit and tax, as we offer technical expertise and independent advice to both public and privately held companies to better manage their operations and achieve their financial goals.

Business Performance & Strategy
Success as an organization is dependent upon the ability to overcome obstacles, weave through complex issues and shift with changing times in order to reach your goals. We work with our clients, senior executives, and key employees, to develop a growth strategy for the future with a plan on how to meet their goals.  
Corporate Governance
Current business and economic environments combined with recent law and regulatory changes make it increasingly difficult, yet more important than ever, to put governance procedures in place and assure adherence and compliance through risk management. Such procedures will increase the accountability of corporate leaders to shareholders and increase investor confidence.  
SEC Advisory
At BMF, we provide the quality, full-service support you need most within a budget that makes sense for you. An area leader in SEC advisory services, our multi-disciplinary team works with more than a dozen publicly traded and pre-emergent companies.  
Succession Planning & Ownership Transition
Our deep experience with family-owned businesses and knowledge integrating this planning provides innovative ideas and practical solutions to the development of your comprehensive vision when it comes to your succession plan.    

Transaction Advisory Services

With a solid, national reputation and led by BMF partner and practice leader, Mark B. Bober, our Transaction Advisory Services Group is equipped with the expertise and depth of resources to meet all of your needs. Whether buying, selling or valuing a business, you need to be aware of all options in order to maximize value and minimize risk. That’s why choosing the right professionals to perform due diligence is crucial to the success of your acquisition.


Valuation / Dispute Resolution / Forensic Services

The valuation of a business may be required in a variety of contexts, litigation and otherwise. Regardless, valuation involves much more than an appraisal of underlying assets. It requires an analysis of constantly changing financial information to arrive at a value as of a fixed date.

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Valuation Advisory Services
Working with BMF ensures you receive trusted advice, proactive service, and a relational investment every step of the way. Regardless of the details and situation, valuation services involve much more than an appraisal of underlying assets. It requires an analysis of constantly changing financial information to arrive at a value as of a fixed date, and it is our experience and resources that make the difference for you.  
Litigation Support
Even the best trial attorneys need expert assistance in addressing and presenting complex business, financial and accounting issues. A CPA experienced in litigation support can be invaluable in gathering, organizing and interpreting financial data for lawyers, judges, and juries.  
Fraud Services
BMF’s forensic accountants and help identify and determine the extent to which fraud is taking place, as well as reduce the risk of loss. Our team’s diverse experience, with Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) and CPAs Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), provides clients with unparalleled expertise in a highly specialized field.  

International Business Solutions

Doing business globally is no longer the exception, but the rule, as an increasing number of companies are expanding their operations around the world. Whether you have locations or operations abroad or are doing business internationally, Bober Markey Fedorovich has the team, experience, and resources to meet your needs.

Allinial Global
We have access to a network of international public accounting firms through our affiliation with Allinial Global. Founded in 1969, Allinial Global is more than one hundred members strong and growing, with locations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and larger world generating more than $2.55 billion in collective revenues. This global reach helps us serve our clients’ business needs throughout the world.  
International Tax Services
Complex tax legislation and strict control by taxing authorities make it necessary for you to align yourself with an advisor that can provide international tax planning and compliance services. Our tax team provides advanced tax planning and minimization strategies for businesses operating around the world including specific services such as transfer pricing, IC-DISC and the foreign tax credit computations.  
International Financial Reporting Standards
Many SEC-registered companies and larger, privately held companies are educating themselves on the inevitable conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). With our strong background in international business, we have worked with many companies in the establishment of international or foreign accounting frameworks. Our IFRS experts have experience in working with international auditing and accounting requirements and with IFRS education, training and conversion services.