Every day at companies of every size, ransomware, financial attacks and IP theft take place. The notion that firewalls and passwords are protecting them is a fallacy. In fact, the greatest exposure to their data and bank accounts isn’t their network readiness, but the fact that their own people can serve up everything they own to a hacker without ever knowing they did it.

Our Cyber Technology Group offers a package of IT, network and cybersecurity services that goes beyond the traditional offerings found in the industry. We work with the C-suite on steps to improve their network readiness and cybersecurity infrastructure and provide IT departments the tools and systems they need to run an effective, strategic department that can function above the daily “fire-fighting mode.”Serving as critical business partners with our clients, we understand how businesses run and where top vulnerabilities are likely to be. Through this evolution of service offerings, we are equipped to serve our clients with the skills, tools and resources they need to run an effective IT department while protecting their most critical component – their data.

Our longevity with clients coupled with our expansive business and IT knowledge helps address the “cybersecurity insecurity” felt by many executives, even more so than a technician or traditional managed service provider.

What should you ask a Cybersecurity Professional?
We’ve put together a list of questions you should ask to ensure reputable credibility.
Network Security Assessments
Knowing what’s on your network is the starting point in any serious IT discovery process. Network assessments provide an evaluation of an organization’s existing network infrastructure, management, security and processes to identify potential risk and opportunities for improvement.
  • Point-in-time network, security, and vulnerability scans, risk reports, management plans
  • Recurring quarterly network, security, and vulnerability scans, risk reports, management plans
  • High-level external network IP range scanning and reporting
  • IT Readiness – Network auditing and reporting to help prepare a company for SOC reporting, HIPAA compliance, and PCI alignment
Cybersecurity Program Management
Cybersecurity program management is a comprehensive review and alignment within a cybersecurity framework to help a company develop and maintain information security best practices, policies, procedures and to better align IT with business strategy and objectives. It involves not only assessing a corporate network but also providing a security maturity model and guiding the organization along its path to a fully functional and secure network.
  • Point-in-time assessment of an organization’s cyber security maturity
  • NIST cybersecurity framework alignment and best practices audit
  • Network security scanning with quarterly report updates and QBR
  • Network vulnerability scanning with quarterly report updates and QBR
  • High-level external network IP range scanning and reporting
Executive and IT Coaching
IT and management speak in completely different languages. The IT managed service industry provides very little support to IT executives on how to run their departments, how to manage limited resources and how to effectively serve as great executives. Our coaching program works with IT leaders to augment their technical and network management skills to help them become more effective at managing IT as a business.
  • Executive and IT Team training sessions for internal IT operations
  • Standardizing IT processes and mapping to best practices
  • Documentation templates for standardizing IT operations
  • Communications training with team sessions
  • Aligning IT management to business goals and objectives

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