Targeted Strategies

Whether you’re a large corporation or an individual with tax planning and return preparation needs, we have the expertise to provide the full range of tax compliance and consulting services you need.

At Bober Markey Fedorovich, “tax season” doesn’t end on April 15th. We provide seamless year-round service to stay ahead of changes so you can respond accordingly. Operating on a multi-state and global basis, we handle most jurisdictions and tax issues from within our own department. We also have access to thousands of specialists through our Allinial Global affiliate, an international association of accounting firms.

Compliance and Consulting

In this digital age, the tax environment has evolved into a complex set of rules that cause confusion for many taxpayers. We proactively monitor and report on current and pending legislation for tax opportunities that translate into more available capital for growing your business. Utilizing a balanced and integrated approach, we work with you to strategize the best tax position for your organization.

  • ASC 740 (formerly, FAS 109)
  • Consolidated corporations
  • Estates, gifts, and trusts
  • Individuals
  • International tax
  • IRS audit representation
  • Nonprofit
  • Qualified/non-qualified plans
  • S Corporations/Partnerships
  • SEC/Second source

State and Local Tax

Compliance with the rules and taxes of multiple jurisdictions can be burdensome and costly, if not performed correctly. Proper management of state and local taxes is critical to maximizing a company’s revenue and profit; these taxes can significantly impact cash flow and the overall effective tax rate. BMF has a dedicated team of professionals, including a senior manager on staff, responsible for our clients’ state and local tax compliance and planning opportunities. Additionally, our team is adept at discovering opportunities for tax savings and incentives available to its clients.

  • Multi-state income and franchise tax planning
  • Multi-state tax compliance outsourcing
  • Nexus reviews
  • Real estate and personal property tax
  • Representation before tax examiners
  • Sales and use tax studies
  • Tax abatements and credits

Special Projects and Services

  • Accounting methods optimization
  • Domestic production activities deduction (DPAD)
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Executive taxation program
  • Fixed asset depreciation review
  • Energy efficient commercial building tax deduction
  • Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Interim CFO/Director of Tax
  • IRS practice and procedures
  • LIFO inventory solutions
  • Research and development credit
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax outsourcing
  • Tax SOX 404 advisory
  • Tax planning and research
  • Transaction cost analysis

Select Services

  • State tax planning – Identification and support of favorable tax positions provided by the complex and varied state and local tax rules. Includes minimizing any exposure and maximizing any potential savings.
  • Reverse tax “audits” – Review of clients’ tax positions to identify, document, and support any current risks. Additionally, all potential refund positions are identified and quantified.
  • Nexus studies – Analysis of clients’ activities and application of state rules to determine potential liabilities and filing requirements. Documentation of non-filing positions and assistance with minimizing any exposure or filing requirements for prior years.
  • Voluntary disclosure and amnesty programs – Utilization of state tax programs and relationships with taxing authorities to reduce liability, limit look-back periods for unfiled returns and minimize or eliminate penalties and interest.
  • Audit and controversy support – Serve as representative and contact for state taxing authorities in audit and enforcement actions. Research and documentation of tax positions; negotiation with tax authorities and settlement of tax, penalties and interest, if required.
  • Non-traditional compliance services – In addition to income tax compliance services, compliance services related to sales and use taxes, property taxes, and unclaimed funds.
  • Periodic updates of relevant law – Analysis of relevant legislative, administrative, and judicial changes in law that affect clients’ filing obligations or state and local tax liabilities.
  • Credit and incentive support – Identification, application, negotiation, and management of applicable state and local statutory and discretionary credits and incentives.


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