Announcing our new Cyber Technology Group

We are excited to announce our new practice area, BMF Cyber Technology Group. This new service line will offer a package of high-level IT, network and cybersecurity solutions, and a unique component of IT executive coaching.

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Richard C. Fedorovich

Mark B. Bober

James M. Bowen

Robert M. Burak

Eric D. German

Alan M. Goldstine

John E. Jenkins

Cindy S. Johnson

Danielle J. Kimmell

Keith J. Libman

James E. Merklin

Dale A. Ruther

Zachary A. Schweda

Steve C. Swann

Theodore A. Wagner

Management Team

Karyn M. Sullivan

Katie A. Allender

Kristian R. Barr

Michael C. Bigrigg

Eileen M. Connor

Karen J. Costantini

Melissa G. Dunham

Rachel L. Gilbo

Michael Hydell

Geoffrey S. Jacobson

Patricia A. Keener

Megan L. Kishman

Nathan A. Lieb

Matthew R. Mallinak

Mindy S. Marsden

Jennifer Martin

Stefanie Marusiak

Cindy H. Mitchell

Dana E. Mountjoy

Bryant D. Petersen

Samantha M. Rathburn

Mark A. Rossetti

Tara B. Shulas

James B. Skakun

Bryan M. Smith

Jonathan C. Stocker

Jessica L. Tepus

Chad R. Voller